Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Best Place to visit in mansoon Alleppey, Kerala

One of the most popular destinations in Kerala, Alleppey looks like a beautiful picture with a silvery mist and lush green hills during the rains.
 Canals, backwaters, and the beaches are at their best and snakeboats can be seen battling in races. The whole place is wet and green and has a romantic feel to it during the monsoons. 
 A ride into the interiors of Alleppey in a shikara is an experience worth your time and money. Alleppey is less crowded as compared to its travel contemporary Munnar during the monsoon and is therefore a better choice for a quiet getaway.
Situated on the south-western coast of India, Alappuzha is also known by its anglicized name Allepey. Alappuzha is endowed with immense natural beauty and can be called the capital of Kerala’s backwater tourism. In the past, Alappuzha port was amongst the busiest trade centers and traded with the Persian Gulf regions and even Europe. Close to Alappuzha lies Kuttanad, the ‘granary of Kerala’. Kuttanad is among the few places where farming is done below sea level.
In early 20th Century, the then British Viceroy Lord Curzon while visiting Alappuzha was fascinated by its scenic beauty and declared it as the Venice of the East. Though, foundations of the city were laid by Travancore’s Diwan Raja Kesava Das in the second half of 18th century, Alappuzha had trade relations with ancient Greece and Rome.
Even travelers like Pliny and Ptolemy have mentioned about places in Alappuzha in their classical works. It was because of efforts and foresight of Raja Kesava Das that Alappuzha became a premier port town. The Travancore Diwan constructed roads and canals to improve communications. Christianity was brought to Alappuzha by St. Thomas, the apostle. The religion found a strong foot-hold in Alappuzha and surrounding areas. Thomas. Alappuzha was also at the forefront of the freedom struggle and Communist movement in Kerala.

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