Saturday, 12 September 2015

Honeymoon place Havelock Island

Andaman Islands are a set of Islands in Andaman sea at about 2 hour flight hop away from Chennai.  Andaman Islands is the farthest point on the east for an Indian Territory.
Havelock Island (accessible from Port Blair via a ferry ride – 36 kms) offers crystal clear white sand beaches, small villages, green tropical forests and beaches. Havelock is about 10 kms from one end to another and therefore excellent for bicycling and simply spending a few days on a “Do nothing” holiday.
Havelock Island is a kind of place honeymooners and Romantic getaway seeker looking for privacy and exclusivity would yearn for. The Island has no shops, no touristy sightseeing and offers crystal clear beaches with green backdrop. Romantic beach dinners, walking / Bicycling, swimming / snorkeling in crystal clear shallow waters is something honeymooners enjoy here. A Premium resort in Havelock (Munjoh) even offers beach weddings for those who would like a wedding around most exclusive and serene setting.
Havelock Island is not for luxury seekers and those who like touristy places. Havelock Island is for those who seek exclusivity in most serene settings around a remote island experience.