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GovindDev Ji Temple Lord Krishna Janmashtami

The GovindDev Ji Temple is a very famous place that is very important, spiritual and religious destination for Hindus, especially for the devotees of Shree Krishna. The temple is surrounded by many gardens in which there are few beautiful chandeliers (which came from Europe) and many paintings of Indian art.
It was built in 1735 by the king, Sawai Pratap Singh II. The ceiling of the temple is made of gold and looks really beautiful. The temple was positioned and made such that the Maharaja can get a direct view from his palace (Chandra Mahal).
The Satsang Bhawan at the Govind Dev – Ji temple holds a World Record and is mentioned in The Guinness Book. It is a marvel of construction because it has the worlds widest flat roof construction with a single span of 119 feet.
The Govind Dev Ji Mandir is a sacred place that was made for the 8th avatar of Shree Krishna ji maharaj. This beautiful temple is located in the pink city of Jaipur which is a famous tourist destination. Earlier the idol of Govind Ji Maharaj was kept at the Vrindavan temple located in north Indian state of UP (Uttar Pradesh) but later on Raja Sawai Jai Singh ji brought it to Jaipur. The idol is very beautiful and it looks exactly the same like the Shree Krishna himself.
The temple is placed at a very beautiful place in the pink city area and is just between the Badal Mahal and the Chandra Mahal. Every day, exactly seven different and right times Aartis, Prashad and Bhogs are offered and Janmashtami is the most important festival here because on that day the Shree Krishna was born and is very special for me and everyone who is a devote of Govindji Maharaj.
History of the Govind Dev – Ji Temple
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ji wanted to explore the holy place which is mentioned in Bhagvat Purana that were related to Shee Krishna ji maharaj. He visited the Vrindavan Dhaam which at that time was a jungle and then after hard work Mahaprabhu hi was finally able find the places which was mentioned in the Bhagvat Purana but sadly he couldn’t s stayed there for much time.
It has been said that Shri Roop Goswami ji along with Sanatan Goswami ji went to the city of Vrindavan to finish the sacred task started by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Finally on Basant Panchami in 1525, the GovindDev Ji himself presented himself to Roop Goswami at Goma Mandir which is a very popular at Vrindavan.But it was Maharaja S
Bajranabh, the legend
According to hindu mythology, Bajranabh is the great grandson of the Lord Krishna, sculpted with his own hand an astonishing idol of the GovindDev Ji. About 5000 years ago, it is believed that when Bajranabh was at the age of 13, he asked his grandmother that how Krishna looked and after getting a detailed description of Lord Krishna.
Bajranabh created the first image of the Krishna but the grandmother told him he needs to improve it as it looks only a little bit like the Lord Krishna but not exactly the same. So Bajranabh created second image but again the grandmother told him he still needs to improve it because it only looks half like the Lord Krishna. So then Bajranabh again cra his third and the final image of the Lord Krishna. The grandmother told him that it completely looks like the Lord Krishna. Finaly Bajranabh was very happy and image was named Bajrakrit which meaning created by Bajra.

The right time to visit or have darshan of the Govind Dev – Ji temple is during the hindu festival of Janmashtami because on that day the Lord Krishna was born and it is celebrated at the temple.

Timings for Darshan and Aarti
People are allowed to visit and do darshan and aarti which starts from 5 AM till 9 PM. The Magala Aarti starts at 5 AM and ends at 6 AM. The Dhoop Aarti starts at 8 AM and ends at around 9:45 AM. The Shringar Aarti starts at 10:30 AM and it is completed at 11:15 AM. The Rajbhog Aarti starts at 11:45 AM and continue till 12:15 PM. The Gwal Aarti starts at 5:30 PM and ends exactly at 6:00 PM. The Sandhya Aarti starts at 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM. The Shayan Aarti starts at 8:30 PM and follows till 9:00 PM.

Don’t get confused about the timings. If you are confused about govind dev ji darshan timings then you can always call us.

Festivals celebrated at the Govind Dev Ji Temple
 There are many festivals celebrated at the Govind Dev – Ji Temple but Janamashtami and Holi are the major festivals. Janamashtami is celebrated as the birth of Lord Shree Krishna and it is celebrated on Bhadrapad month  which is a month of Hindu Calendar or you can say August.
Then an anther festival is celebrated just before Holi which is simply amazing.

For the devotees of Lord Shree Krishna, after Vrindavan, the Govind Dev – Ji temple has high regards and hence devotees from different nations came here to worship Lord Shree Krishna.

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