Sunday, 21 June 2015

Om Banna Baba,Pali near Jodhpur

Om Banna Baba,Pali near Jodhpur Rajasthan:-

The beautiful state “Rajasthan” is perfect and really the land of miracles. Right here every single place can put a surprise. It’s a story of person – Om Banna who lived in Chottila village. Om Singh was the son of Jog Singh, who was the head of cattle village, which is only about three km away from Banna village. When the youngsters belong to Rajaputra family use to suffix Banna to their names, Om Singh was recognized as Om Banna.

History of Om banna:-
Om Banna got married and purchased a bullet bike quickly after his wedding. His attraction towards his bullet was very uncommon. In 1988, 24 years old Om Singh Rathore recognized as Om Banna, was gone from the city known as Bangdi near Sanderao of Pali to Chotila then suddenly om Banna get unbalanced from his motorbike and hit a tree. Om Banna was killed immediately, his bike dropping into a close by dump. The early morning after the incident, regional cops took the bike to a native police station. The next day it was noted to have gone away from the police station and was discovered back in the accident spot. The police, one time again, took the motorbike to the police station and this time draining its petrol reservoir and placing it under secure and chain to avoid its removing. Regardless of their attempts, the next morning once again it’s gone away and was found at the incident spot. Local people say that the motorbike kept coming back again to the similar ditch. It turned away every effort by police to hold it at the nearby police station; the bike was often come back to the similar location before daybreak.
Accomplishing all the traditions, the family was in strong sadness because of the Om Banna accident. Shortly Om Banna made a physical appearance in his grandmother’s dreams questioning for two yards of lands to build a temple. This was the cause that they built the temple at that spot. This came to be viewed as a wonder by nearby people, and they started to worship the “Om Banna’s Bullet Bike.” The News flash of the wonder motorbike passes onto the area villages, and afterwards they made a temple to worship it. That temple is regarded as “Temple of Bullet Baba’s.” It is considered that Om Banna’s soul assists troubled tourists. This temple consists of a tree decorated with products like bangles, jewelry and red colored piece of string. This Om Banna’s temple next to the Enfield motorbike has a huge image of Singh.

Real Story after the death of baba’s:-
 One more story is that, throughout the night time of Banna’s death, the Om Banna spirit expected to lift from a truck owner, which was moving though the highway. When it arrived at the incident spot, Banna requested the truck owner to hit the horn. For whatever reason you are going forward, that would be satisfied, Banna stated and gone away. The enthusiasts say that they hear the shout of his bullet bike in the late night from the day on which he passed away. Also consider that his spirit might be with the motorcycle still now.
Four years back, the customs started in the temple. The temple has now a priest. Although listening to the term temple, don’t think its as big setting building. Only basement had been constructed with the tree where the bullet was striking. They’re placed a picture of Om Banna and an idol created of marble. The prayers are getting done there. The enthusiasts carry out the libation of alcohol in the idol. At the rear of that bullet was placed under a covered area. The supporters said throughout Ashatmi day, the bullet begins on its own! An aspect of the petrol tank has been used out.The folks residing around the town have an excellent perception over Baba. Throughout wedding, the bride and groom come and pray there. The associates of Rajputra families carry their newborn baby there. They see Banna as their god. The people carry out the ritual of extracting their baby’s tresses here. As the intake of alcohol is identified among the Rajputras, the light beer is provided here.Around the temple few shops are viewed like in temple celebrations. All the prayer products and liquor for only as offerings to Baba etc. are available at here to purchase. The endless clamor of vehicle horns would stab your ears and putting in that was the devotional music played via the cone loudspeaker. After praying the Baba and heading towards Jodhpur.