Tuesday, 30 June 2015

top 5 monsoon destinations

No other climatic phenomenon is more awaited the Indian sub-continent more than the monsoon. The word evokes a sense of respite and relief, and the promise of rejuvenationRains have been celebrated in India since time immemorial. Left parched and dry by the hot Indian summer, the showers come as a welcome respite. So much so, that rains have been celebrated in songs, movies and literature. Rites and rituals have been performed to beseech the gods to shower their blessings in the form of rains.Rains have always evoked nostalgic memories. Getting drenched in rains, sipping hot tea and biting into piping hot bhajiyas is on everyone’s wish-list during the rains. Trekking, especially in the Western Ghats, is a popular activity.
We pick five of our favourite monsoon destinations and images that represent them

No other province eagerly awaits rains like the desert state of Rajasthan. After three long months of summer, rains provide the much-needed relief to the land which remains arid for most part of the year.
The month of Shravan (which coincides with July-August) is also the occasion for the Teej festival. Celebrated to mark the advent of monsoon, traditionally, swings are hung from trees for women to enjoy and pray for marital bliss.

The southern state is the first to receive the monsoon every year. Though Kerala remains covered under a thick green cover through the year, the advent of rains adds a special hue to it. With scores of tourists visiting Kerala during the rains, special packages are offered to entice visitors.
You might not be dry for too long during the monsoons in Kerala, but it’s the ideal time for some Ayurvedic rejuvenation. Imagine sitting on an easy chair and listening to the pitter patter of rains. And we won’t blame you for booking your tickets in minutes.

Geographically, Ladakh is in the rain shadow area which is why it is an ideal destination during the monsoons. But a few rain-laden clouds do break through the mountains and the spectacle of clouds kissing Himalayan peaks in the backdrop of the barren splendour of Ladakh is a sight to behold.

The entire Konkan stretch undergoes transformation with the first rains. Carpeted in a thick blanket of green, Konkan is a sight to behold during monsoon.
Besides natural beauty, Konkan is rich in history. Of strategic importance, Konkan is closely associated with King Shivaji and the Marathas. Littered with mountain forts and citadels, the pleasure of trekking to the historical remnants during the rains is a perfect way to enjoy the season. Konkan also offers several scenic beaches to enjoy the monsoon magic.

Jog Falls :-
Created by the Sharavathi River, it is the second-highest waterfall in India. Falling from a height of 830 ft, it is a major tourist attraction located in Sagara in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The four streams that make up the fall have been named for the way water falls from each of them – Raja (majestic), Rani (graceful), Roarer (deafening) and Rocket (swift).

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